McHale Fusion 4 Plus

McHale Fusion 4 Plus

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Highlights: • Film-on-film technology
• Camless Pickup
Fusion 4 Plus Integrated Baler Wrapper


The new McHale Fusion 4 range has been developed with a focus on operator comfort and machine performance, while still ensuring the renowned simplicity and reliability is maintained.

Our specialist team of engineers have maximised machine intake and output, increased bale density and reduced maintenance intervals to ensure the Fusion 4 range of machines surpasses all your baling and wrapping expectations.

These levels of comfort, when paired with proven features such as the patented bale transfer system and the vertical wrapping ring, enable the McHale Fusion 4 range of machines to offer durability, reliability and high output to the end user.


The McHale Fusion 4 Plus is a fully automatic integrated baler wrapper which can apply film or net wrap to the barrel of the bale, delivering optimum bale shape and bale density. The Fusion 4 Plus can provide high quality fodder through the use of the film binding system, resulting in better silage quality and easier feed out.

The machine is equipped with a patented bale transfer system and a vertical wrapping ring. These two McHale patents deliver maximum output whilst keeping the machine short and compact at 5.8 metres in length. The machine is equipped with a 25 knife-chopping unit and uses ISOBUS software.


Film Binding

The concept of putting film on the barrel of the bale is known as “Film binding technology.” The plastic, which is applied to the barrel of the bale forms an additional layer of wrap across the largest surface of the bale, whilst also binding the bale together.

The film which is applied to the barrel of the bale can be stretched according to the manufacturers recommendations which is a higher ratio than can be achieved with net wrap. This additional layer of film on the barrel of the bale provides higher quality silage as the film can be stretched more than net. This in turn, expels more air, resulting in better silage quality.

By using film to bind the bale together, removal and recycling of the film is made easier as the farmer is only left with one form of waste to recycle and can avoid the unpleasant and time consuming job of separating net from the plastic.


Patented Bale Transfer

When the bale is bound in the bale chamber, the bale chamber splits horizontally. As the top section of the bale chamber moves up, the lower section of the bale chamber simultaneously moves up and out, transferring the bale onto the wrapping platform.

Control Terminals

The McHale Fusion 4 Plus is fitted with ISOBUS as standard. For customers without an ISOBUS tractor, an optional ISO-PLAY 7 or ISO-PLAY 12 terminal can be used. Through the ISOBUS tractor’s terminal or McHale’s ISO-PLAY terminals, the operator is provided with clear indicators of machine performance and allows for increased levels of monitoring, through the graphic display.

Profi-Flo Pick-Up

McHale have created their highest output pick-up for the Fusion 4 range. The new Profi-Flo pick-up has been designed to increase crop intake through more efficient crop flow and has been engineered to ensure end users are operating with a high-performance pick-up that is designed to suit various working conditions

Profi-Flo Cam Pick-Up As standard, a cam operated 2.1 m high-intake galvanised pick-up ensures excellent ground cleaning in all types of crop. The cam pick-up runs on a cam track that is fitted with double raced cam bearings to stand up to the most testing of conditions. All cam pick-ups across the McHale Fusion 4 range are fitted with 5 tine bars for excellent ground cleaning, while new side bands ensure a continuous delivery of crop to the bale chamber. A side inspection port allows the operator to quickly check and change the cam bearings if needed.

Profi-Flo Camless Pick-Up A 2.1 m camless pick-up is available as an option on all machines in the Fusion 4 range. The camless pick-up has six tine bars to provide excellent ground cleaning and fast delivery of crop to the bale chamber. The camless pickup has been designed to increase output and reduce levels of maintenance.

ROTOR - 25 KNIFE SPLIT DRIVE GEARBOX A SPLIT DRIVE GEARBOX is fitted to all machines in the McHale integrated baler wrapper range. PTO Input Pick-up & Rotor Drive Interlocking Bevel Gears Bale Chamber Drive The star shaped feed rotor ensures a HIGH-CAPACITY FLOW of crop into the bale chamber.

The flights on the rotor are laid out in a spiral formation to achieve consistent crop flow. As crop enters the rotor, rotating flights feed the crop to the bale chamber. The flights on the rotor ensure high output, while the star layout reduces the load peaks as the machines work in heavy swaths.

The feed rotor or chopping unit boasts a heavy-duty rotor and comb. The flights are welded on both sides for superior strength and on the drive side, the rotor is fitted with a double row bearing with a long service life.


To ensure consistent and even chop quality, a robust and powerful 25 knife chopper unit has been developed for the McHale integrated bale wrapper range.

25 Knife Chopper Unit

A 25 knife chopper unit comes as standard on the McHale Fusion 4 range. A single bank of 25 knives provides a chop length of approximately 46mm. Chop length can be adjusted by removing knives.

DROP FLOOR FEATURES When baling hay or straw, operators have the ability to select a Density “0” setting on the control box. This allows much lighter bales to be made.

Density “0” Setting Automatic drop floor reset comes as standard on the McHale Fusion 4 Pro & Fusion 4 Plus. If a blockage occurs, the operator can press one button on the control console which lowers the floor. After the PTO is re-engaged and the blockage is fed through, the drop floor will automatically rise and the knives will reset to their original position.

Automatic Drop Floor Reset This feature can be enabled on Fusion 4 Pro or Fusion 4 Plus machines from the control console in the cab. This allows the operator to chop the grass until the bale is almost complete, at which point the machine will automatically drop out the knives. Depending on the feeding method, this improves fodder distribution, keeping the bale neater when the net or film is removed.

Automatic Knife Drop Feature When connected to an ISOBUS tractor, the drop floor will automatically lower when the software detects a blockage. Once the operator restarts the PTO and the blockage clears, the drop floor will automatically rise to its original position.

18 ROLLER BALE CHAMBER The bale chamber on the McHale Fusion 4 range is comprised of an 18 roller bale chamber.

The bale chamber diameter is 1.23m x 1.25m (4' ½" x 4' 1¼") and is formed from heavy duty rollers. Roller Design & Sealing

The 18 rollers are formed from high-grade tubular steel delivering maximum traction, improved bale rotation, enhanced machine performance and produces well-shaped, uniform bales.

As a result of having an 18 roller bale chamber, the Fusion 4 range is noted for superior performance in dry crops such as hay and straw.