Krone Vendro 560

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Highlights: • 4 Rotors
• OctoLink
• OptiTurn

Krone Vendro 560 – the new rotary tedder by Krone

5.60 m working width – 4 rotors

LED light for maximum road safety
Compact V-shaped frame with three-point headstock minimises weight shift from the front axle
Prop stand at the rear and wide storage stand at the front pro-vide good stability and raise the wheels from the ground
Stylish light-weight plastic deck in a sloping design for effective self-cleaning
Headland position pre-setting feature avoids tedding the same area twice for optimum wilting
Auto-folding hoop guards maintain maximum agility also in working Position
Main gearbox with overrunning clutch prevents instant rotor stopping
Mechanical or hydraulic damper struts ensure stable rides and optimum spreads
New KRONE OptiTurn tines lift and spread the crop in an ideal way
Gauge wheels run close to the tines providing exact tine control and optimum forage quality

The sloping deck in the middle of the frame won’t collect any debris or dirt. Its modern styling combines with a new colour scheme. The hoop guarding that surrounds the frame and the rotors is held in place by sturdy brackets. Perfectly formed, the hoops offer easy access, safe operation and maximum longevity.


The fold-away hoops make sure the tedder is an agile machine despite being so compact, allowing it to make the tightest turns along field borders and on headlands.

„ Compact frame for close attachment to the three-point linkage
The machine is automatically aligned in the centre when folding into transport Position
Damper struts ensure stable rides behind the tractor
The compact design shifts less weight from the front axle and reduces lift requirement
Special stands at front and rear for safe storage

The KRONE Vendro tedders impress by stable rides and convenient changeovers that are executed from the seat. With the rotors folded down and attachment close to the tractor, the centre of gravity is low and close to the tractor for safe road travel and space-saving storage.