Krone Swadro Range

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Highlights: • The KRONE Swadro TC programme of rotary rakes lines up the largest number centre delivery rakes on the market
• From the Swadro TC 640 twin rotor rake and the new Swadro TC 1250 four-rotor rake to the world's largest centre delivery rake
• The Swadro 2000, offering working widths from 5.70 m to 19.00 m.
• In addition to that, each model is available with multiple options and operator comfort features.
KRONE centre delivery rotary rakes – the most comprehensive offer on the market. The KRONE Swadro TC line-up of rotary rakes offers the largest choice of centre delivery rakes in the market. Choose from an enormous variety of models and options – from the entry model, the Swadro TC 640 twin rotor rake as the best option for small and hilly fields, to the unique six-rotor unit, the Swadro 2000 that offers maximum efficiency and capacity.

Two-, four- and six-rotor rakes

KRONE centre delivery rotary rakes – the most comprehensive offer on the market: The KRONE Swadro TC line-up of rotary rakes offers the largest choice of centre delivery rakes in the market. Choose from an enormous variety of models and options – from the entry model, the Swadro TC 640 twin rotor rake as the best option for small and hilly fields, to the unique six-rotor unit, the Swadro 2000 that offers maximum efficiency and capacity.


Swadro TC 640: Variable, 5.70 m to 6.40 m work widths

Swadro TC 680: 6.80 m work width

Swadro TC 760 / 760 Plus: Variable, 6.80 m to 7.60 m work widths

Swadro TC 880 / 880 Plus: Variable, 7.60 m to 8.80 m work widths

Swadro TC 930 / 930 Plus: Variable, 8.10 m to 9.30 m work widths

Four-rotor centre delivery rakes Swadro TC 1250: Variable, 9.80 m to 12.50 m work widths

Four-rotor centre delivery rakes Swadro TC 1370: Variable, 10.80 m to 13.70 m work widths

Six-rotor centre delivery rake Swadro 2000: Variable, 11.00 m to 19.00 m work widths

The pull-type and cardanic design

  • 3D contouring in any direction
  • Best possible 3D contouring for all tines
  • Clean forage, no losses

The KRONE Jet Effect

The KRONE Jet Effect ensures the tines will not dig into the ground when the rotors lower and lift. Emulating the touch-down and take-off behaviour of an airplane, The clever design of the rotor suspension ensures there is always a maximum of clear space between the tine and the sward when the rotor lifts and lowers out and into work – an intelligent system that helps protect the sward and avoids crop contamination.

3D contouring

The rotors suspend in a pull-type and cardanic configuration which provides exact guidance to the tines and optimum contouring – both in and across the direction of travel. This way the tines pick up every haulm but not a single grain of sand. Uncontaminated forage, minimum loss rates and high work rates - this is the Swadro definition of quality work.

Pulling not pushing

The Swadro rotors are pulled in direction of travel. Its pull-type suspension in combination its central arrangement allows the rotor to stay level when lifting and lowering. Its weight is uniformly distributed to all gauge wheels, ensuring optimum contouring and minimizing contamination and losses

The Swadro rotor gearbox

  • Sealed and maintenance-free rotor gearboxes
  • Fuel-efficient gear ratio
  • Permanently fluid greased

The Swadro rotor gearbox is powerful and yet frugal in terms of tractor power. Thanks to its large gear ratio, Swadro requires only low pto speeds at minimum wear. Compared to other swathing systems, Swadro rotary rakes stand out for low input power and great fuel economy.

No downtime

The weather sets the pace in forage harvesting. Maintenance- free and permanently liquid greased rotor gearboxes make the KRONE Swadro a very reliable partner in your harvest campaign. Swadro is always ready to go, ensuring dependable operation in narrow harvest windows. No time is wasted on service stops. Come rain or harvester.

The bogies on the KRONE Swadro rakes

  • Gauge wheels on high flotation tyres run very close to the tines
  • The largest wheelbase on the market
  • Adjuster changes the rotor angle across the direction of travel for optimum swaths and loss-free rakes.
  • Caster steer wheels at front and rear (option) protect the sward

The wheels under the KRONE Swadro rotors never lose contact with the ground, not even the roughest terrain. The largest possible contact area and pivoting range in combination with suitable tyres ensures no blade is left on the sward and the sward is not damaged. Clean and intact swards are the cornerstone for top quality forage also from the next cut.

The DuraMax cam track

  • Maintenance-free
  • Special Bainite hardness
  • Dry cam track
  • The unique DuraMax cam track

The KRONE cam track features the unique Bainite structure which is obtained by a special hardening process. Accordingly, this cam track has a very durable surface and yet a flexible core, a combination that results in low wear. This type of coating also reduces rolling resistance for reduced friction, wear and power input.

The Swadro tine arms

  • Maximum stability and reliability
  • Wear-free and gap-free folding arms
  • Swift changeovers
  • Pre-machined notch

Maximum stability and reliability The Swadro tine arms set the benchmark in terms of durability and reliable operation. The massive design of the arms with pre-machined notches makes these arms stand out in the rotary rake sector, because it withstands the highest loads and brings peace of mind in extremely difficult conditions

The tine arms

Each tine arm is controlled by its control shaft that is manufactured to precision-fit tolerances for exact fit in the control arm and precision tine control as the arm follows the cam track. It is this design that leads to those clean and lossfree rakes. Each tine arm is mounted on two ball bearings inside the hub plate. The two bearings are spaced wide for stable and smooth control of the shaft as well as reduced wear and higher work rates. The main part of the tine arm is the thick-walled and maintenance-free tube which is permanently and wear-free connected to the control shaft for reliable tine control without play. This is the secret behind optimum tine control and quality rakes.

The KRONE Lift Tine

  • Clean forage thanks to the Lift Effect
  • High work rates and no fragmentation
  • Improved forage quality
  • Reduced losses

All current KRONE Swadro models have the KRONE Lift Tines as standard specification. Kinked in two positions, these tines offer significant benefits that have been verified in KRONE field tests and a DLG Focus Test.

The double kink trick

For more than 10 years, the KRONE Lift Tine has convinced our customers around the world in terms of quality forage and rakes. Kinked in two positions, the vertical tine lifts the material clear off the ground. This is the secret behind producing clean forage in difficult conditions. The Lift Effect sees the grass moving up the length of the tine. Even extremely wet and heavy material will not bend the tines which are up to 10.5mm thick and are coiled around large-diameter arms for greatest stability and tidiest rakes.

The twin-rotor centre delivery rakes

  • Flexible working widths. Maximum throughputs on forage wagons, balers and foragers
  • High rotor lift-out on the headland. No disturbance of voluminous swaths
  • Maximum operator comfort. Relaxed work on long working days

KRONE Swadro TC and TC Plus rotary rakes offer compelling selling points: uniform swaths,
high work rates, clean rakes and multiple pre-sets to suit every singly condition. More than that, the Swadro TC Plus features maximum operator comfort for fatigue-free work on long working days.

The manual height control system

  • All Swadro TC rotors have their work height adjusted down to the millimetre. This is done on a crank which is arranged on the outside of the rotor for easy access. A large scale helps operators to read the current position.

The electric height control system

  • Those who often use the rake in varying conditions will find it helpful to opt for the electric rotor height control system. This is standard specification on all Swadro TC Plus models. From the cab-based control box, operators control two servomotors which change the rotor height conveniently and accurately. This control box also displays the current working height and raises the rotors individually.

The mechanical width control

  • Swadro TC 640 and TC 760 come with a standard mechanical working width control. The arms are extended and retracted to the required work/swath width by operating a crank.

The hydraulic width control

  • All Swadro models from TC 880 onwards are adjusted hydraulically to the proper work width (option on TC 640 / TC 760). This is done from the convenience of the cab and assisted by a clear scale on the arm.

Individual rotor lift-out

  • The rotors can be lifted out independently. This is standard specification on the TC 930 and TC 1000 and an option on all other Swadro TC models. This feature brings great advantages in wedges and along boundaries.

The rotor suspension system

  • Strong coil springs transfer some of the weight to the main beam and the chassis as the rake is swathing along – for light treading on soft soils and clean rakes in any situation.

Swadro TC 1250

  • Entry-level four-rotor rake with variable 9.80 m to 12.50 m widths
  • KRONE Easy-Line drive system for a perfect swath presentation to the baler, forage wagon and forager
  • Straightforward and fast height control with a useful scale
  • Fast changeovers to less than a 4 m transport height from the cab
  • Exact and infinitely variable hydro suspension for optimum contouring
  • Individual rotor lift-out is an option and ideal in corners

The new Swadro TC 1250 marks KRONE’s entrance to the high-capacity rake sector. The machine combines heavy-duty components from professional machines with the simplicity of twin rotor rakes, making the TC 1250 the ideal all-rounder for large farming operations, machinery rings and contractors.

Flexible width

  • The working width and also the swath width are adjusted hydraulically as a standard feature for fast adaptation to varying conditions. The arms telescope rapidly to the correct working width – wide when gathering the last cut for presentation to the forager or narrow for the forage wagon and round baler.

Extremely manoeuvrable and convenient

  • The TC 1250 with two-point headstock pivots in the lower links for smooth and stable rides on roads and in the field. Turning through a large angle, the headstock makes for tight headland turns and effective rakes in corners, a feature that saves valuable time in narrow harvest windows.

Exact working heights

  • The operator sets the height of each individual rotor manually on the crank and reads the current height on the large scale.

Strong frame

  • Swadro TC 1250 features a modern and appealing styling with a trapezium frame and massive tube steel arms that ensure high stability and longevity. The sloping panels keep the machine clean and country roads, too.

Swift and easy transport

  • Compact by design, less than 3 m wide and less than 4 m high without folding the tines, this rake makes for convenient and safe travel between fields.

The right tyres for each job

  • The transport wheels are clad with 500/50-17 tyres as a standard. Wider 620/40 R 22.5 flotation tyres are available as an option, offering a larger contact area for gentle treading and minimum compaction in softer soils.

Springs at front and rear

  • In work, strong coil springs shift the weight of the rear rotors to the main beam and the chassis, thereby taking load off the rear rotors. By comparison, the front rotors have hydraulic suspension which is set steplessly on the on-board spool chest by switching from lift-out to suspension and vice versa, allowing the machine to adapt easily and conveniently to any terrain – for cleanest swaths and best forage quality.

Finger-tip control

  • The TC 1250 is entirely operated from the KRONE control box. Functions like individual rotor-lift out, swath width control or telescoping front arms are selected on the control box and executed by the tractor spools. Thanks to this selector box, the machine requires only one single-acting and one double-acting tractor spool. This gives you maximum operator comfort from an entry-level tractor.

Premium ride comfort

  • The front and rear rotors are lifted out via sequence control. The shift gate on the front arm allows operators to alter the timings in line with the current forward speed and their needs. Highest acreages and yet maximum operator comfort. The leading rotors can also be raised individually as an option. In this specification, the operator pre-selects a rotor and then raises it by operating the tractor spool. After that, the sequence control system raises the opposite rotor and the rear units. Perfect rakes in the most awkward shaped fields. Another option allows operators to raise/lower the leading and rear rotors in pairs – either sequence controlled or in front/rear pairs.

Swadro TC 1370

  • Variable work widths – 10.80 m to 13.70 m
  • Hydraulic rotor suspension
  • Integral vibration damper with Soft-Down drop rate control
  • Electric rotor height control with two selectable height options
  • Flotation tyres – 710 tyres on the transport running gear and 16x9.50 tyres on the bogies
  • Hydraulic beam control for less than 4.00 m transport heights

KRONE Easy-Line driveline for optimum swaths and rakes

  • The Swadro TC 1370 four-rotor centre delivery rake makes its appearance in a modern styling and with plenty of landmark features including convenient setting options that make the job a lot easier for operators and produce optimum swaths at high outputs.

Variable work width

  • Telescoping hydraulic arms adjust the positions of the two leading rotors left and right separately. This way, the rake can vary its working width from 10.80 m to 13.70 m to adapt to varying field conditions. The rotors resume their previous positions automatically when lowering into work.

Flexible swathing width

  • The swath width is adjusted irrespective of the work width by varying the distance between the two rear rotors between 1.40 m and 2.20 m. As another key feature, the tine arms on the rear rotors have five double tines which optimize the work and quality for the following harvester.

Hydraulic suspension

  • The hydraulic rotor suspension that is integrated in the lifting cylinders provides gentle treading also in difficult conditions. The system is set up steplessly and conveniently from the tractor and separately for the leading and rear rotors. The new and integral Soft-Down drop rate control lowers the rotors particularly softly into work – a boon for the quality of feed.

Setting the rotor height

  • The operator controls the work height from the terminal so there is no need to dismount the tractor. You can either adjust all rotors at the same time or each rotor separately. Also, you can program two different heights to the system and retrieve them later by fingertip control.

Choice of tyre options

  • 620/40 R 22.5 transport tyres are standard specification. But you can also opt for hydraulic brakes and wider 710/35 R 22.5 tyres to improve the performance in boggy terrain. Both tyre sizes are small enough to ensure that the 40 km/h machine doesn’t exceed the statutory 3 m transport width.

Uncompromised contouring

  • The rakes that run on standard transport wheels have caster-steer bogies with pivoting wheels that are clad with 16x6.50-8 tyres. The rake can also take the wider 16x9.50-8 tyres on the bogies provided the tyres on the transport running gear are the optional 710/35 R 22.5 size. Both tyre sizes are also available for 6-wheel bogies with rear tandem axle.

Easy-going headland turns

  • You can set and retrieve separate lift-out heights for the leading and rear rotors from the tractor terminal. More than that, you can set the lift-out height and also time the front and rear lift-out according to the prevailing conditions, making the most of narrow harvest windows.

Convenient changeovers

  • The beam lowers hydraulically to a transport height of less than 4 m, meaning you don’t have to fold or remove any tine arms.

Tractor attachment to suit

  • The TC 1370 is attached to the tractor via the pivoting two-point headstock which allows the machine to follow tractor roll for agile manoeuvring. But you can also opt for a bottom-mount 80 ball hitch.

Easy-use terminal

  • The DS 100 is an entry-level control unit for the TC 1370. Provided a UT terminal is in place, this unit can also be conveniently mounted on the armrest. But the TC 1370 can also be operated from the ISOBUS-compatible WTK joystick or the CCI A3 joystick for convenient and fatigue-free work.

Automatic Section Control

  • The SectionControl feature lifts and lowers the individual rotors separately to avoid multiple rakes in awkward patches. The feature reduces operator stress and boosts productivity thanks to faster headland turns.

Intuitive use

  • The DS 100 is an entry-level control unit for the TC 1370. Provided a UT terminal is in place, this unit can also be conveniently mounted on the armrest. But the TC 1370 can also be operated from the ISOBUS-compatible WTK joystick or the CCI A3 joystick for convenient and fatigue-free work.