Krone BiG X 430 - 630

Krone BiG X 430 - 630

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Highlights: • 490-653 hp continuous engine output
• 6 intake rollers for premium safety and a top quality chop
• MaxFlow chopping drums with 20, 28 or 36 blades, biogas drum with 40 blades
• KRONE VariQuick for ultra-quick changeover with or without grain conditioner
• OptiMaxx roller conditioners measuring 250 mm in diameter and 570 mm in width for intensive kernel processing
• KRONE VariLOC for flexible choice of long and short chops
• KRONE VariStream – spring-loaded plates beneath the chopping drum and at the crop accelerator ensure a continuous crop flow
• Convenient hoop coupler for easy attachment to the base machine
• Superb manoeuvrability from independent wheel suspension and wheel motors
• Optionally with four-wheel drive
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BiG X 480, 530, 580 and 630 – the compact precision forage harvesters from KRONE for outputs of 490 hp to 653 hp and maximum chopping quality and output as well as superior ease of use and operator comfort

The chopper unit

Optimum layer thickness

It's not just the number of blades that accounts for a good quality chop. The thickness of the mat that passes through them and therefore the width of the chopping drums are just as important. Therefore KRONE designed a wider 630 mm chopping drum for the BiG X 480, 530, 580 and 630 which carries the customary high chopping quality of the high-capacity foragers with 800 mm drums over to the smaller models.


KRONE OptiMaize

KRONE chopping technology for optimum maize forage quality

  • OptiMaize S, M, L, XL for variable chopping lengths from 4 mm to 30 mm
  • KRONE MaxFlow and biogas chopping drums with different numbers of blades for producing the cutting length you need
  • KRONE grain conditioners ensure optimum fracturing and kernel treatment
  • KRONE VariLOC for flexible long and short chops without converting the machine

OptiMaize brings full flexibility to all KRONE BiG X forage harvesters, allowing them to produce any type of cutting length forage producers call for. MaxFlow and Biogas drums are available with various numbers of blades and combine with the specific KRONE conditioners for chop lengths of 4 mm to 30 mm.

‘OptiMaizing’ – a KRONE concept for BiG X forage harvesters

The OptiMaize concept was developed by ­KRONE and aims at producing forage of a superior quality. Livestock farmers ask for different chop lengths that meet different aims in the silage maize ration. The smaller the amount of fibres in the ration, the longer should the maize chops be to suit the needs of rumens.

By comparison, chop lengths should be short when the maize is used to fuel Biogas plants whereas the feed rations for beef bulls and dairy cows require much longer chop lengths to add structure to the ration. ­KRONE OptiMaize combines various chopping drums (see table) and conditioners that enable BiG X forage harvesters to produce short and long chops of maize allowing machine owners to respond to individual customer needs.
If you have to produce short biogas maize chops in the morning but coarse maize chops for animal feed in the afternoon, you will find ­KRONE VariLOC the ideal solution for you. This is a manual gearbox which forms a integral part of the pulley that drives the drum belt; it reduces the drum speed from 1250 rpm to 800 rpm within just a few minutes. This reduces the cutting frequency and increases the range of available chop lengths by up to 50 %. This technology allows operators to select between short and long chops at short notice and without any drum changeovers. In combination with the various ­KRONE corn conditioners, the BiG X harvester therefore becomes a genuine all-round machine.

In practical application, the chop lengths can be grouped into four different ranges: OptiMaize S, M, L, and XL. Each concept describes a different technical solution that leads to customised lengths that suit all applications.


The crop flow

  • Six intake rollers ensure a top-notch quality of chops
  • High throughput with universal or biogas chopping drums
  • OptiMaxx roller conditioner: Intensive conditioning
  • VariStream: Continuous crop flow
  • StreamControl: Optionally adjustable discharge distance
  • VariQuick: Quick access to the grass channel or grain conditioner

When you’re looking to maximize throughputs with a top-quality chop, the technology must be up to the job. With the BiG X, ­KRONE offers a forage harvester which convinces by top cutting quality, highest throughput and maximum user comfort thanks to the direct crop flow and the numerous innovative details which meet the requirements of successful service providers and make the working day easier.


The crop flow

The intake System

  • Helps achieve the desired chop length
  • 6 hydraulic intake rollers
  • The Speed is set steplessly from the cab

Chopping drum

  • The guarantee for top quality chops
  • MaxFlow chopping drums with 20, 28 or 36 blades
  • Biogas chopping drum with 40 and 48 blades


  • Maximum throughput
  • Spring-loaded floor underneath the chopping drum
  • Spring-loaded accelerator backplate
  • Outstanding chopping Quality even in inconsistent crop flows


  • Minimum changeover between grass and corn/maize
  • Quick changeovers between corn conditioning and harvesting grass
  • Removing the corn conditioner is convenient using a lowering mechanism

The OptiMaxx roller conditioners

  • 250 or 305 mm diameter and 710 mm wide rollers for maximum performance
  • Slanted teeth give a unique shearing effect for perfect cracking
  • Up to 50% speed difference for optimum fracturing results


  • Powerful crop accelerator
  • Adjust crop throw from the cab
  • Precision fills of following trailers
  • Reduced power when filling Trailers running alongside
  • No losses

The intake system

  • 6 pre-compression rollers for top-quality chops
  • Hydraulic drive
  • Stepless adjustment of the chop length from the cab
  • Automatic adjustment of the chop length via AutoScan or NIR sensor
  • Maximum protection against foreign objects
  • Long path from metal detector to chopping drum
  • Metal detection across the entire channel width

On a BiG X, it is also the intake system that has an influence on the quality of chop. The six intake rollers compress the chopping crops consistently at a high pressure so that it is easier and more precisely to chop. The hydraulic drive of the intake system allows operators to choose between setting the cutting length manually or automatically.


Continuous, safe, and comfortable: Six pre-compression roller and 820 mm distance between the front roller with metal detector and the rearmost roller provide for improved pre-pressing and added protection from metal foreign object during fast intake. The hydraulic driveshaft automatically adjusts the LOC in line with the maturity of the crop, which is detected by the KRONE AutoScan sensor. If the engine speed falls below 1,200 rpm with increasing load, the intake and header are stopped automatically while the chopping drum is running. This prevents crop blockages due to excessively slow rotational speeds, and thus saves time and money.

The chopper unit

  • Chopping drums with 20, 28, 36 or 40-blades for OptiMaize S to XL
  • High flywheel mass: Closed drums with a diameter of 660 mm
  • Top chop quality: Drums with a width of 630 mm matched to BiG X 480, 530, 580 and 630
  • Low fuel consumption: High flywheel mass, pulling cut

Matching the drum dimensions to the harvester model and choosing the optimum number and shape of blades not only boosts the power of the BiG X but also makes the OptiMaize S, M, L, and XL more flexible to suit more applications. The wide range of drums available for BiG X deliver a top-quality chop in any conditions anywhere in the world – at top performance levels.


The material is pulled over the blades: The blades on the KRONE chopping drums are arranged chevron-style and at an angle of 11° relative to the counterblade. This arrangement makes for a continuous crop flow, extremely quiet running and maximum efficiency.


The KRONE MaxFlow chopping drums

For grass, wilted crops, whole crop silage and maize in OptiMaize S, M, L, XL

  • Chopping drums with 20, 28, or 36 blades
  • Plenty of carrying space under the blade carriers
  • Blades are quick and easy to insert and remove

The MaxFlow chopping drums are specially designed for conditioning of high-quality silage. Harvesting wilted crops with unevenly formed swaths is a challenge for the chopping drum; therefore, its blade supports have a special shape which leaves more room under the blades. Larger ‘pockets’ and the spring-loaded drum base result in extremely smooth running and high power reserves. So BiG X makes light work of temporary crop accumulations.


KRONE VariStream

  • Consistently smooth performance despite inconsistent crop flows
  • Extremely quiet running even in uneven swaths
  • High throughputs
  • Top quality chop
  • Perfect operator comfort

VariStream comprises spring-loaded floors beneath the chopping drum and behind the discharge accelerator rotor. The system ensures blockage-free and smooth operation, even in varying volumes of crop. The technology allows operators to utilise the forager to its limit and use less fuel per hour.

Springs make the difference: Every forage harvester operator is familiar with this: Lumps in uneven swaths absorb operator attention, reduce productivity and may cause blockages in the spout. The chopping drum floor and the rear wall of discharge accelerator are both spring-loaded to momentarily extend the crop flow channel when the volume surges temporarily. The flexible channel cross-section helps to relieve the engine and the chopper units and makes for quieter running and higher outputs


KRONE StreamControl

  • Adjustable discharge distance from the cab as an option
  • Tight crop stream even with a long crop discharge
  • The shorter the crop discharge, the less power is needed
  • Fills the transport wagon accurately without spillage

The crop throw is controlled from the cab by adjusting the flap in the rear wall on the discharge accelerator.This way, operators can adjust the throw quickly to the current filling situation. As the accelerator needs less power to cover a short distance, the operator can free up engine output and use it for chopping and higher throughputs.


The engine

  • 6-cylinder MTU in-line engine
  • Final Tier 4 / Stage V compliant
  • 490-653 hp continuous engine output
  • High efficiency and quiet running

Cutting-edge technology from MTU takes engine power and economy to a new dimension. Common Rail injection and optimal torque synchronization translate into smooth running, low fuel consumption, high efficiency and minimal maintenance. The innovative KRONE power management guarantees highest efficiency with maximum throughput.


Transverse in-line engines

Transverse in-line engines: The engine is mounted sideways and far back for optimum weight distribution. The power flows from the engine directly to the components for crop flow - a setup that ensures maximum efficiency. The Common Rail injection makes the MTU in-line engines very efficient.

The driveline

  • Simple design
  • An extra-strong poly V-belt transmits engine power to the crop assemblies
  • Long service life

Separate drive for the intake rollers and the headers: Rollers and headers are reversible if the chopping drum suddenly stops

Separate and dependable driveline to the drive pumps

The transversely mounted engine allows the drive pump, the chopping drum, the crop accelerator, the header and intake pumps to take the engine power directly off poly V-belts. No power take-off gear is required. All components for crop flow are activated via belt coupling.


The running gear

  • Front-wheel drive is standard; four-wheel drive is an option
  • Powerful wheel motors from Bosch-Rexroth
  • Traction control with three travel modes
  • Infinitely variable 0-40 km/h speed range

The hydrostatic wheel motors offer greater productivity and a higher level of automation and operator convenience. At the same time, this type of power train reduces maintenance and frees valuable space to fit a bigger and more powerful chopping assembly and move this further to the rear of the machine.

Front-wheel drive – four-wheel drive: BiG X 480, BiG X 530, BiG X 580 and BiG X 630 are available with optional hydraulic four-wheel drive via wheel motors. Machines with front-wheel drive have hubs on the rear wheels instead of wheel motors. Both drive trains are designed for speeds of up to 40 km/h.

Kitted out perfectly

  • LED lights are an option for best visibility at night
  • Huge fuel capacity: up to 1450 litres of diesel with the optional additional tank
  • Easy access for maintenance work

Long working days, sometimes even deep into the night, take a toll on the operator's endurance and concentration. This obviously requires excellent all-round visibility and full illumination at night, which is exactly what BiG X offers. The up to 1,450-litre fuel tanks hold enough diesel reduce the number of time-consuming top-ups and boost productivity Optimum access to all components ensures trouble-free service and maintenance.

Up to 1,450 litres of diesel on board

Up to 1,450 litres of diesel on board: The huge fuel tank provided as a standard holds up to 1,220 litres of diesel. An additional tank holds 115 litres of urea. The result are many hours of work without interruption for fuelling up. In addition to that, you can also opt for a 230l fuel tank and a 275l silage additive tank.


The cabin

  • Plenty of space and optimum climate control
  • Large window screens offer perfect all-round visibility
  • Maximum seating and operator comfort throughout a long working day
  • User-friendly operator terminal with colour-display touch screen

New premium cab developed to the latest ergonomic insights Providing generous space and an extra seat, it offers a fully air-conditioned and absolutely functional working place, where the operator feels at home and has full command of all functions and controls.