Deutz-Fahr 6C Series

Deutz-Fahr 6C Series

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Highlights: • 3 models
• 120 to 143 HP
• 3 transmissions and a variety of options and specifications to satisfy your needs.
Come and discover the New 6C Series

Extreme configurability in a tractor means that it can cater
effectively for the needs of any application. This was the
principle guiding DEUTZ-FAHR in the development of the new
6C Series, a family of 3 models with power outputs from 120 to
143 HP, 3 different transmission variants and a wide choice of
options letting the customer tailor the ideal machine for their
specific requirements.


The new Deutz-Fahr 6C Series offers 3 transmission types: PowerShift, RVShift & TTV. 

These transmissions were designed for efficiency and ease of use. 40kph speeds can now be reached at a low 1,781 rpm!

PowerShift: 5 Mechanical gears and 2/3 splitters and up to 4 mechanical groups with APS function this transmission offers 40kph

RVShift: Designed and built in house by SDF the fully robotised transmission is a full powershift transmission with 20 forward and 16 reverse gears, APS function, optional creeper and 50kph speeds and reduced rpm. Speed matching will always find the right powershift when changing gears

TTV: Continuously variable transmission from 0.02 – 50 kph. Reduced engine speeds at 50kph. Adjustable engine load via the Eco Power dial. This CVT transmission offers increased payload to 8500kg along with two driving modes: Normal & Heavy Duty.

With a Load Sensing hydraulic system capable of delivering up
to 120 l/min of oil, even implements with very high flow rate
demands are no challenge for the 6C Series.

In addition to this, the option of a mixed configuration for the rear distributors
(with 2 mechanically controlled + 2 electronically controlled
distributors), an additional low flow rate independent
distributor, Power Beyond couplers and 2-way in the front,
offer unparalleled flexibility for working with any hydraulic

A highly comfortable working environment makes your job
simpler, more enjoyable and less tiring. This is why the new
4-pillar cabs of the TopVision family have been improved
even further, setting a new benchmark in this class.

These cabs boast unrivalled all-round visibility, and even the base
configuration features special Hydro Silent-Block suspension
for impeccable quietness and minimal vibration, while optional
mechanical cab suspension takes operator comfort to the next
level. Front axle suspension is also available for total comfort
whether working in the field or driving on public roads.

The TopVision cab also offers up to 18 LED work lights as an optional extra along with a monitor rail, cup holder, cigarette lighter, phone holder and cool box to keep you refreshed all day long.


4 Speed PTO is offered on the Powershift model with 3 speeds offered on the RVShift & TTV Variants. The PTO is activated electro-hydraulically with the added option of ground speed and front PTO.


With a lifting power of 5,410 – 7,000kg the 6C Series is ready to handle any payload! Vibration dampening is offered as standard along with adjustable Auto PTO.