Amazone Cayena 1:32

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Amazone Cayena 1:32

The AMAZONE Centaya 3000 Super is a 3 m wide pneumatic pack top seed drill that is attached to the KG 3001 Super. The T-Pack front tire packer ensures good load distribution in the front of the tractor.

Universal Hobbies has implemented the set of rotary cultivator, seed drill and front tire packer on a scale of 1:32 down to the last detail.

True to the AMAZONE QuickLink system, the rotary cultivator and seed drill can be separated from one another just like in the real model. If the seed drill does not move, it can be parked on the supports provided for this purpose. The adapter supplied on the lower link mount enables coupling to a wide variety of tractors.

The combination of front and rear attachment means that the set has excellent display properties in the showcase, on the diorama or on the desk.

Scale: 1:32, from Universal Hobbies THIS IS NOT A TOY